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Dancing Kizomba Around the World

Dancing Around the World

In 2014, I started my life of travels. Since I had been working as a location independent freelancer for over five years at that time it was easy for me to transition to being a digital nomad. But no matter how great my life was – something was missing: connection. This is how Kizomba changed my life. It gave me exactly what I didn’t have: the possibility to connect with others.

Blog Posts About Past Festivals

Have a look at the blog posts that I wrote about the last festivals that I went to.

Valentine Dance Festival Berlin 2019

In February 2019, I went to Berlin for the Valentine Dance Festival. Usually, I choose "Kizomba only" events but, for the Valentine Dance Festival, I made an exception. They have four styles: Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, and Bachata. My festival review is only about the...

Kizz Me More – Warsaw Invaded by Kizombeiros

In July, I went to my first Kizz Me More festival. Read in my post why I liked the festival and why I will go again next year… How to Get There? Warsaw is the capital of Poland and there are several ways to get there. By plane: Chopin Airport (WAW) lies around 10...

Summer Sensual Days – One Week Kizomba in Rovinj

Last year, I had already heard many Kizomba dancers raving: The festival in Rovinj Summer Sensual Days is so wonderful. Dancing at the beach, a week of parties and workshops in a breathtaking holiday destination in northern Croatia. I needed to check this out myself!...

Dutch Kizomba Festival – Dancing in Tiel

Last autumn, I bought a ticket for the blogger conference Traverse18, which took place in Rotterdam. When I saw a few months later that there was the Dutch Kizomba Festival in Tiel – not very far from Rotterdam – taking place exactly one week after the conference, I...

My Upcoming Festivals

I already have dozens of festivals lined up to allay my thirst for more hours on the dance floor. Here is a selection of them: